Healthy Choices, Healthy Children: Resilience Edition

We can’t control what a kid’s life looks like.  We can’t get rid of their challenges or always protect them from getting hurt.  What we can do is prepare them for life’s inevitable adversities by helping them develop the key skills of resilience.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back, even when you have every reason to shut down.  Research has shown that when resilience education is incorporated into everyday learning, kids improve their social competencies, enjoy learning more, and do better in school. 

That’s why the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation teamed up with WhyTry, an organization with the single aim of helping people overcome their challenges to achieve success in school and for the rest of their lives, to create the HCHC: Resilience Edition.  By teaching kids a resilient approach to life, we can equip them with tools to land on their feet when challenges arise throughout their lives. 

Each of the four lessons in this book is designed to cater to participants with a variety of learning styles by incorporating visual aids, music, discussion questions, and hands-on activities.  Do your best to use as many of these as possible or as are relevant to your kids.

Lesson 1: Connecting the Dots

Lesson 2: Use Positive Self-Talk to Tear Off Your Labels

Lesson 3: Jump Hurdles with Character and Heart

Lesson 4: Find Your Purpose

HCHC: Resilience Edition was created in partnership with WhyTry.  Check out their website for more resources to reinforce the lessons and help your kids continue to build resilience!


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