Spotlight on Veteran's Day and Badges for Baseball

Today is the day that we honor those who are serving and have served our great country. It’s a day to say thank you.

At the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, we have the great fortune of working not only with law enforcement but also with the military every day in our Badges for Baseball programs all across the country. We thank all of those who take their time to come out and spend their days with our kids.

What does it mean to be UNCOMMON?

Remarkable, exceptional, out of the ordinary, rare…these are all words that you find in the definition for uncommon. Uncommon people are everywhere you look. Cal, Jr. and Bill were fortunate enough to have a father who was an uncommon man who taught them uncommon principles. It didn’t matter what the job was; nothing was too big or small for Cal Ripken, Sr.


Has there ever been a moment in your life where you absolutely don’t think you can accomplish the task in front of you? Well I was faced with that feeling over this past weekend. I was supposed to run in the Marine Corps Marathon, but due to knee surgery, I knew that wasn’t possible. I didn’t even think running a 10k would be feasible, but then I ran into a group of wounded warriors and my thoughts drastically changed.

CRSF Camp 3: Blue moon and blue fingers at the IronBirds game

Last night we had the awesome opportunity to take the kids to an Aberdeen IronBirds game! Not only was it a blue moon last night, but it was a perfect summer evening in Maryland. The game was a great success! We entered through a private entrance through the back of the stadium. I don’t know about the kids, but I felt like a rock star last night. We got to walk by the opposing team’s bullpen, and even the pitchers warming up had to stop and take a look at the great group of kids walking in with matching number seven shirts.

Friday's Final Thought Camp Edition: Life Lessons from Dad

As Bill Ripken likes to say of his dad and brother, “Without a Senior, there would never have been a Junior.”  There wouldn’t have been a Bill either!  Not just in the biological sense, but all of us are the people we are today because of our parents (and people who are just like mothers or fathers)—people who loved us, invested in us, and taught us important life skills and lessons!


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