Friday's Final Thought: Lifelines

We'll share a full recap next week, but I wanted to share this final thought on this Friday when all our kids are headed home from the last overnight camp of 2016.  On the last night of #CRSFcamp, we ask campers to vote on a camper of the week from their team.  There is only one from each team, but there are usually many nominees.  One chaperone remarked that it was neat to see that the kids all saw different things in each other, despite having only known each other for a few short days.  Usually they just write names, but one camper wrote a reason:

Friday’s Final Thought: Make your own history

Last weekend I attended a screening and panel discussion of In Football We Trust, a documentary that follows four Polynesian American high school football players in Utah.  They come from communities that are strife with poverty and gangs, where nothing matters more than family, and where football is seen as the way up.  It’s a really interesting documentary and brought up lots of food for thought about the opportunities to do bette

Friday’s Final Thought: Leading with Uncommon Empathy

Being an Uncommon Athlete is about the small choices you and I make every day.

Here is a story about a group of people, a crowd of spectators, who noticed a need.  People who looked past the surface differences and saw other people who wanted to play and compete but lacked the proper equipment.  

It didn’t start out as a big plan or with a lot of resources or with any type of official group or structure. 

Friday’s Final Thought: Father’s Day

Each June, we celebrate skinned knees and fishing trips.  We celebrate baseball games and soccer matches.  We celebrate the kings of early morning day-care drop off and the stay-at-home laundry masters.  We celebrate the day-shift, the night-shift, and the 24 hour shift. 

We celebrate dads.  Blue collar, white collar, no collar – we celebrate those men that decided there needs would forever take a back seat to ours.

Friday’s Final Thought: Why not?


This past weekend, on her fifth attempt, 64 year old Diana Nyad achieved her dream: to become the first person to swim, unaided, from Cuba to Florida.  That's more than 100 miles in choppy ocean waters inhabited by sharks and jellyfish!

How many amazing feats have humans accomplished simply because we wanted to see if we could do something?


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