Do you believe in me?

This speech was made a few years ago by then 5th grader Dalton Sherman to 20,000 teachers and school staff of the Dallas Independent School District.  Its message, however, is not only timeless but rings true for anyone whose goal is to help kids realize their potential.

Explaining why: the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Summer Camp mission

As Bill Ripken often reminds us, simplicity should never be mistaken for a lack of substance. We use the word simple – simple concepts, simple ideas, simple programs – so often it seems as though everything we do is, well, simple.  While our strategies, our tactics, and our goals may be complex and lofty, our program mission during Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Summer Camp remains quite simple. 

Every person has their own destiny

They said we would never make it
I was always told that
Every person has their own destiny
And to never let anything or any person get the best of me
That’s the one way in life to succeed

Part of what we try to do at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation is show kids that they are not powerless—each of us can choose how to handle whatever life has thrown our way.  But you have to know what your options are first.   

Recognizing and thanking volunteers

They’re the ones who show up when you need them, with a smile on their face, ready to jump in and do whatever it takes.  Whether it’s coaching, mowing the field, serving lunch, folding newsletters, making sure the kids get on the right bus—whatever it is, many of our organizations are able to serve a great number of kids, provide critical services, and create wonderful experiences because of dedicated volunteers.

Friday's Final Thought: Together

As we come up to one of my favorite times of year, March Madness, I always get excited about the opportunity to watch great stories of underdogs, buzzer beaters, and overcoming obstacles unfold.  But with all that excitement encompassing that four week stretch, my most enjoyable moment is the playing of “One Shining Moment.”  It is the final piece of the NCAA Tournament and includes all of the visuals of the greatest plays, hardships, and captures the overall excitement of the tournament.  Not only is it a recounting of memories, but with its lyrics it describes


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