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February 10, 2016 / Tim Bancells, Janice Chan, Darius Gardner, Kaitlin Rowan

Whose stories are not being told, are not known, but should be? 

And more importantly—to whom are we not speaking? 

No individual’s story ever tells the whole story.  History is sorely lacking when we only hear from a few, or when others are completely ignored.  Beyond that, we miss out on the chance to reach many people when we don’t share stories they can connect with.  In that spirit, we’ve rounded up some resources and some lesser known stories to help you celebrate Black History Month.  (As these resources are for...

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February 05, 2016 / Janice Chan

Last weekend I attended a screening and panel discussion of In Football We Trust, a documentary that follows four Polynesian American high school football players in Utah.  They come from communities that are strife with poverty and gangs, where nothing matters more than family, and where football is seen as the way up.  It’s a really interesting documentary and brought up lots of food for thought about the opportunities to do...

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February 02, 2016 / Tim Bancells

Many of us take an interest in sports from a young age.  When we are little, we have no idea how long we will play sports or how far it can take us in life.  It is similar school.  A good education is important, and that can come in many forms.  College may not be the right answer for everyone, but it should never be written off simply because it seems unattainable or like an unknown.  This is why we host College Experience Days, to show kids what college life is like and give them to chance to...

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January 18, 2016 / Darius Gardner

Today, we honor one of our nation’s most influential heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Known as a brave man, he devoted his life to help transform the racial differences in the United States.


He believed each human being should be observed as the same, no matter what the color of their skin was or which gender, race, ethnicity or religion beliefs. He advocated for social change and fought for racial equality. He preached a message of love and tolerance that is still echoed today....

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January 14, 2016 / Janice Chan

Today is "I Am a Mentor Day" and January is National Mentoring Month, so we thought we would share why we mentor or why we feel mentoring is important.


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January 13, 2016 / Scott Swinson

Juwan N., a former member of the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Baltimore and Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation camper, has received acceptance letters to two colleges, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore and West Virginia University!  Congratulations, Juwan!



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January 07, 2016 / Kaitlin Rowan

In the beginning of each year, many people talk about and set New Year’s resolutions.  Most people are actively engaged in their resolutions in the beginning and tend to let them fall to the wayside as the year progresses.  If a New Year’s resolution is a goal or intention for the upcoming year, how can you stay focused and maintain motivation?

A goal is a standard that you want to achieve in a specific...

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January 05, 2016 / Darius Gardner

Happy New Year from the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation!

As we finish up 2015 and take a step into 2016, we can all take a moment to reflect. Were you able to accomplish all your goals, or reach all the milestones you set for yourself? If not, why not start now? New Year’s resolutions are a common theme of the new year, but these resolutions tend to be more of a wish then a want one consistently strives towards. Before you know it, your New Year’s resolution fades along with the holiday lights. It’s time that we take steps toward making these resolutions realities. That...

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December 23, 2015 / Janice Chan

As we wind down 2015, it’s easy to get caught up in meeting year-end deadlines or getting ready for the holidays.  People are making plans and goals and resolutions for 2016.  (We are, too!)  But I ask that you--sometime in the next couple of weeks, if another request is making you stressed!--take a few moments to reflect on this past year, to rewind and find one thing you’re proudest of for each month of 2015...

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December 10, 2015 / Kaitlin Rowan


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