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September 11, 2015 / Janice Chan

In case you missed it, read our last blog post to learn how you can participate in our second annual “Cal, Sr. Day” on September 29, 2015.

We’re getting very excited for September 29th, which will be Cal, Sr. Day 2015, as well as the day when we open our 50th Youth Development Park in Chicago, IL!  We have already heard from many of you about your plans to celebrate Cal, Sr. Day in your communities: a baseball skills clinic for youth with special needs, neighborhood clean-ups...

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September 08, 2015 / Janice Chan

How did it get to become September?  We’re already a week in.  The last of our campers have flown home and gone back to school.  I asked our team what their proudest moments of #CRSFcamp were, and here’s what they shared:


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September 02, 2015 / Brooke Austin

Here are some more highlights from our last summer camp:





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August 26, 2015 / Janice Chan

This is the last week of #CRSFcamp this summer! The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation welcomed more than 100 kids to camp from our Badges for Baseball sites and program partners from California, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin for one last hurrah before everybody heads back to school!

They came in on Monday, many flying in with some help from our friends at Southwest Airlines. When they arrived at camp, they were outfitted with gear from Under Armour, Marucci, and Rawlings. Plus, Walmart helped...

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August 19, 2015 / Janice Chan

This week, the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation welcomed over 200 kids to #CRSFcamp from Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois and—for the first time ever—Nicaragua! (Earlier this year, Scott and Brooke traveled to Nicaragua as part of a SportsUnited exchange program sponsored by the US Department of State. This week, some of the kids they met traveled to the US to join us for camp!)


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August 11, 2015 / Janice Chan

September 29, 2015, will be an amazing day for a couple reasons.  But with your help, it could be amazing for a couple hundred or even thousand reasons…


September 29 will be our second annual Cal, Sr. Day, a day when we honor Cal, Sr.—the mentor who inspired players of all ages and inspired the Foundation’s mission of helping to build...

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August 05, 2015 / Kayne Boyer

Have you ever thought about just how much we speak with other people during the course of a day? According to a study from the University of Missouri, we spend 70-80% of our day in some form of communication. Of the 70-80%, 9% is spent writing, 16% reading, 30% speaking and 45% is listening (Lee & Hatesohl). Most of our communication is listening to other people. Building good communication skills will allow the youth to learn to not only speak well with others, but also listen well, which seems to be that largest portion of our...

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July 31, 2015 / Janice Chan

Being an Uncommon Athlete is about the small choices you and I make every day.

Here is a story about a group of people, a crowd of spectators, who noticed a need.  People who looked past the surface differences and saw other people who wanted to play and compete but lacked the proper equipment.  

It didn’t start out as a big plan or with a lot of resources or with any type of official group or structure. 

Here is a story about one person who stood up and asked if anyone else wanted to help.  About...

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July 29, 2015 / Darius Gardner

Ever wonder, hmm…how do people gain the attention of a group?

There are many techniques to use for getting the attention of a group. Here at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, we most often use, “If You Can Hear My Voice Clap Once.” This technique is usually used when dealing with children because it is a great way for children to have fun while paying attention. When I was a young kid, I remember this...

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July 23, 2015 / Jenna Mosketti and Sarah Kasun

Is it to improve health, get in shape, or is it just for personal enjoyment? According to the Harvard Opinion Research Program and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health there are many ways that sports impact your daily life now and in the future.

We concluded from their article on “Sports and Health in America” that it is important to encourage kids to start playing sports at a...

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